Time for changeYou’ve been around for a long time right? Like me you didn’t grow with the internet and no Gen Y will have the patience to read to this length unless you pay them. So I know who I’m writing for.

It’s you.

I know familiar stumbling blocks, untimely self persecutions, doubt fear and all the rest. We all have these. But now it’s time to put away the hankies, stop beating yourself up (if you do) and get over it because 2013 is going to be killer!

Both good and bad. Exponentially awesome for some business owners and exponentially heartbreaking for others.

I know which outcome you prefer.

Do your ultimate best to eliminate, tame or lessen these dramatically from your life and therefore from your business.

Why? Because the world does not care about your low levels of self confidence. It will not care about your business unless you do. Simple.  Plus there is a movement going on way more urgent bidding for our attention.

As I write this there is real estate in construction underneath the sea for undersea living. The possibility to live amongst stunning coral reefs is real. Ahuh you read right. Land real estate prices well into the future have the potential to plummet. Then there’s rides into space or Space Tourism available if you don’t mind the $200,000US investment. Give or take a thousand.

Seen Tom Cruise in Minority Report? That movie was 10 years ago. Now somewhat incomprehensible Virtual reality holo suites are just around the corner. Cloning and the human potential to clone whatever it is we want today, is happening. Mobile marketing devices and the marketing potential for these is exponentially exploding across the planet as they become more attached to the hip than ever before.

These few are scratching the surface. There is so much more looming to blow our minds. This is the age your lifetime and mine. We may not live to see full fruition of some of these, nonetheless we’re deep in it.

I’m not a futurist but I have a thing about trends and following them. You can find out as much information about what’s happening EVERYWHERE online. That is but one minuscule power of the internet. 

So why should these have anything to do with you or your business? In obvious terms they don’t directly. In long term effects it has everything to do with your business. How much will you anticipate world change to have the business capacity to participate and contribute within it. Not being able to do either will leave you well behind.  

With mind boggling advancements like these occurring every single day and just as you blinked another went into beta phase, your business no matter what it is, at the very LEAST must be online. Don’t you agree?

Gone are the kicking and screaming tantrums of why should I. We all know why. 

Getting your business live online today is like saying “here’s a square, it has 4 sides”. It’s a truth you can no longer argue with any more. Fail to embrace this and your business will perish. There is no other way to put it.

So if your business small or otherwise is not online yet, ask yourself WHY that is? To participate with the stimulus future it’s a must, you know that.

“Where are you struggling?”

Are you confused over wrong information or the bombardment of information? Have you been burned by a negative experience with a web designer builder? Don’t know where to start? Want to learn first what it’s all about?

None of the above?

Then tell us in a comment. Leave your question below. We want to help you. We want to share our knowledge with you what steps and considerations you need to take when taking your business online.

Is it hard? Yes and No. Is it easy? Yes and No. With anything to get into the game, you just have to START.

So when you think to yourself, ah I’ll do it next year, or you just don’t want to get your business online at all, big danger lie’s ahead. It’s well past encouragement phase where we say, we encourage you to etc

If you hesitate any further, the rest will be fast and past history for you and your business. You don’t want this. 

Biggest tip ever: You DO NOT need to over-think this. As Nike states: Just Do It and let us know how we can help you.

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