How hard can it be?

You chuck a few words together tell them all about you and what you do and how long you’ve been doing it for, and why people like you, easy right?

Easy YES, an effective approach NO.

This strategy will only make your visitors leave your website and never come back. As soon as they realise from reading your content that it’s all about you, they will quickly become disinterested and click the X button.

So why would they leave?

Because they don’t care. They don’t care because they don’t know you, simple.

What can you do? 

Write better content. Learn how to. Through your web content you create reasons for them to stay on your site. How? By providing value to them and a ton of it. Make it easy for them to stay not go. They will engage with you better and stay interested in your business offerings whether service or product.

So what next?

In order to write compelling web content get into your consumers head. How well do you know your target audience?

What is it they want, need or desire?

What pain are they experiencing as a consequence of not having these fulfilled?

How can your business provide the solution to all 3 need, want, desire or one of? Showcase “THE HOW” in your website content.

Put them first, always.

To help you here are some awesome web content writing tips that will keep visitors on your site. These are very important. Remember this is what the visitor to your site reads first.

Think if you were greeting someone for the first time into your business premises, what would you say? How would you act? Same principle applies.

Follow the guidelines below, focus, don’t over think it, stay hydrated (maybe a long day/night) and you create something you will be proud of.

  • Ensure that your content is speaking to your potential customer at “All Times”.
  • Use “You” or “Your” much more, than “I” or “We”.
  • Your content must be focussed on your customer and your customers’ needs, not on you or your history. It must ALWAYS be about them.
  • Ensure you don’t over write cramming too many unnecessary words in. Stick to the point. People will not read over wordy text. Less is more. And that doesn’t mean boring. Keep it tight and creative to your niche.
  • Use crisp language. Engaging, interesting and appropriate. Don’t be afraid to dare but consider your business niche first.
  • Please, please don’t bombard your web content with big words your visitors will not understand. This is a common mistake. In other words don’t show off. Keep it real and genuine.
  • Write about your business benefits to the customer, not on your product or service features. Benefits not features.
  • Spread your content out. Don’t create blocks of text. It instantly looks like too much work to read by the visitor. 16 words per sentence, 3 sentences per paragraph. This is not set in stone but works best!
  • Make sure your content is grammatically correct and use your spell check.
  • Do your best to ensure there is excellent readability meaning it is enjoyable to read, legible and flows well. If you’re into real estate, think how you hold an open home. No doubt about it, I bet you ensure your home has exceptional flow through to make that sale. Same thing.
Let’s use an analogy.

Think about if you were holding a party. You invite people in and conversations get going. Since you are the host and you want people to enjoy themselves, what do you do? Do you stand there all night talking relentlessly about your own achievements?

Of course not.

This doesn’t create popularity but disdain. People will be looking for the door or simply move off to engage with others. It’s the same thing with your website content.

The idea is to engage with people. Check in with them. How are they doing? How’s that going for them? Think how could you help them? The more you come from a place of serving others first, profit will always follow.

Your web copy should reflect this.

That wasn’t hard was it? You can also (we recommend) do some research online. This is great and will always serve you. Just bring up Google and type in “How to write effective web copy”. You won’t conquer overnight but you will learn new. Not a bad thing.

Now 2 options for going about writing your web copy

Option One:

We understand that not everyone is a born writer. If you struggle to put words together then find someone who doesn’t struggle who can help you. We don’t mean a best selling author. If you are in business already, it’s likely you know someone good with words.

Second Option:

You may want to hire a professional web copy writer to write the web content for your site. This is an excellent option and worth every cent! The price for a 3-5 page website for small business will vary in New Zealand and Australia. It will be dependent on a few variables about your business.
Bring up Google and type in Web Copywriters New Zealand Australia.

There you have it. No reason you can’t write some quality content for your small business website. You have the power, now bring up a word document and write your magic.


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