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I am very grateful to my past clients. Some of the testimonials are quite long but still real time and they are valued by me as you will be, if we work together.

When we proudly launched our website, we naively believed that all the hard work which had gone into its creation would magically reap immediate rewards in terms of increased exposure and client interest. A year later we were an incidental Google finding, appearing several pages behind our direct competitors. Cue Karen, who arrived by way of a personal recommendation, brimming with ideas, technical expertise and practical advice.Calmly approaching our utter lack of SEO with grounded pragmatism, within 3 months Karen had us hitting the top of the front page. Karen is straight forward, accommodating and reliable. I admire her ethical approach and have been very comfortable with her pricing structure. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen Perese’s SEO work, and trust that she will deliver an efficient quality service for you, as she has for us.

Dr. Lisa Ferguson

Practice Manager, Animal Emergency Centre, Mt.Albert, Auckland

We contracted Karen to look after GAM Groups website maintenance on a monthly basis. We needed our site to be Google optimised as it was super slow and ranked on the internet accordingly. We were absolutely thrilled with her work on our company website as even though there are no Search Engine Optimisation contracts between us, Karen still bought our Gamgroup company website from pages way back in Google to page one for good aviation Brisbane and Melbourne searches. What we appreciate the most about working with Karen is her willing to go above and beyond what is required along with her professional attitude and her online marketing expertise, she delivers more than the expected results. Thank you Karen.

Megan Jepsen

Gamgroup Aviation

I have been involved with Karen Perese and her internet/computer skills since I started my veterinary clinic, The Strand Veterinarian, in September 2009.

As a new business owner I felt a powerful web presence to be of the utmost importance reflecting and promoting my brand and small business. I wasn’t wrong.

Karen initially helped develop my website to something I could personally update while advising me on blog techniques and changes necessary in order to keep my business up to date web wise.

She then took on the role of working on search engine optimization as well as website protection, overseeing my web presence and ensuring its safety and security.

Lately Karen has also helped advise (and protect) me from the plethora of companies promising the earth web optimization, directory and search engine wise and has championed my cause-spending money wisely in this area.

Without Karen working for me and my business I would be lost. Karen is affordable, reliable and gets results (which is more than I received from many bigger name companies). I am thrilled with her work to date.

Megan Alderson

The Strand Veterinarian, Parnell, Auckland

Karen Perese has been beyond instrumental in the successful creation of my online business. She designed a beautiful elegant and functional website, taught me a ton about online marketing and gave me priceless advice. I knew neither head no tail about websites, content, design, business hosting etc and Karen has been so patient and informative, it gave me a huge boost of confidence and understanding. Karen has a great simple way of explaining complicated things, a great ability to guide and advice. A genius creative mind that’s always working and always perfecting, and a keen upstanding of of customer psychology. Karen is very responsive, always ready to help and to make things clear. She is an absolute expert in her field but what sets her apart is that she can help you be in the know as well. I loved working with her and was always amazed and pleasantly surprised at the results she helped me achieve. Ekaterina Tabakova Director at Kettlebell Academy, Auckland.

Ekaterina Tabakova

Kettlebell Academy Director, Kettlebell Academy

When we first approached Karen, we had a lot of questions about how to get our small local business online. Karen’s knowledge on how we should present or reflect our business online has been very effective as now, more of our customers are coming through via our website. It looks sleek and truly reflects the look of our business product which is high end luxury Kitchen Design. Karen has assisted us getting found more easily using google which we had absolutely no clue about. We have found her services super reliable, affordable with excellent communication throughout our project and her online marketing advice we believe has been instrumental to growing our brand and service online. Thanks!

Brett Fordham

Director Owner, Kitchen Perfection Auckland

I provide elite services to a very niche market in the Aged Care Sector. Thus, my online company image needed to reflect the quality of my services. I gave my vague ideas over to Karen, and she handed me back one very stylish and individualised website. Exactly what I was looking for. I certainly did not want a standard run-of-the-mill website design, and when I first discussed my thoughts with Karen, I immediately knew she was the website marketer for me. All liaising was via emails due to my work schedule, however, there were never delays or mis-communications. Her services are very prompt, very personable. If you want to “wow” any potential clients, if you want an internet presence, if you don’t want to be confused with internet jargon … I would without hesitation recommend Karen. Vivienne Princis – Exclusive Aged Care Sector

Viv Princis

Elite Aged Care Services Company, Elite Aged Care Services

Karen has been with me from Day One, since 2010. I was so confused and overwhelmed with getting my small business online but Karen from Webplay just took care of everything! Karen answered all of my questions where I understood exactly what was going on and why, then she went ahead and just worked her magic. My customer base has increased so much and I am always booked out. The website looks awesome and she ranked me number one on Google everywhere for my dog grooming business. I still don’t know fully what that means SEO, but I guess I don’t have to. Thank you Karen! Lucy Foster Owner

Lucy Foster

Owner Director, Lucy Dog Grooming

I have known Karen’s online marketing ability from 2008. Throughout the years to now 2016 she has stayed committed and determined to succeed. She is a diligent worker who is willing to put in the long hours to learn and grow and this coupled with an inquisitive mind makes her very determined to find the way to succeed for herself and her clients.

620184_95e8I consider Karen as an expert in online marketing and research in particular Google marketing and latterly Amazon marketing. I find her quick to identify niches that can be capitalised on and developed for her clients. With Karen at the helm she guided our company to sales of USD $130,000 in our 2nd year in the Amazon marketplace. Obviously I would like to keep our product niche private however highly recommend Karen and her online marketing skill-set Thank you, B Brown

B Brown

Online Entrepreneur

Please note, I have chosen not to use my real photo for privacy. I did want to say that Karen has been incredibly VALUABLE as a online marketing mentor. I wanted to learn how to take my business online and start selling my private label product on Amazon. There are many many times I was ready to give up on the entire online marketing thing as I didn’t grow up with the internet. Instead, Karen in her way, teaching style, translated everything where I could understand each step,  how to action it and measure my marketing results from my efforts. I was able to list and sell my product beyond my own belief to a US market. Who knew!! I started to really connect the online marketing dots and as a result becoming quite proficient! I’m not a millionaire yet, but thanks to Karen’s effective online marketing knowledge, her personality, I am now 100% self sufficient and running my own business online. I just love it. I highly recommend Karen if you are wanting to go online with your business.

Lisa C

Online Entrepreneur