Amazon Account Set-Up


Setting up your Amazon account is the first step in the process. Some people will often turn to Youtube Videos on how to do this however this is very much a hit and miss approach and not recommended.

Information changes swiftly so if you’re going to set up shop on the biggest Ecommerce platform on the planet, you must get this right first time or you risk getting saturated with problems within your account.

Below is a Amazon account set-up checklist of what I will do for your NZ Product.

  • Setting up your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Applying to various “gated” seller categories for your product
  • Configuring to sell FBA (Fufilment By Amazon – strongly recommended)
  • Strategic guidance on pricing, positioning
  • Shipping and fulfilment guidance
  • Produce stunning product images for listing
  • Brand Registration
  • Product Description Optimisation which includes effective keyword research for Product Title and Bullet Points

Prices start at: $897.00