iStock_socialnetworkingIf you’re a small business owner, it’s a question you’d be tirelessly wondering. Everywhere you turn social media is in your face. It’s all over the internet, in hardcopy publishing and even in television commercials. You know it’s big and being resistant won’t really help you.

But you’re thinking I’m far too busy running my business right with a relentless “must do” list daily. I haven’t got time to mess about clicking “like” buttons or twittering tweets PLUS I managed quite nicely before.

You would happily accept this BUT YOU KNOW other small businesses are making a killing from Social Media. Your competition down the road is getting fresh hot leads and turning these into loyal buying customers.

So what do you do?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Saying yes to Social Media sounds like work and lot’s of it. Saying no make’s you think, am I missing out? And maybe, well there is no maybe.

So before you delve, is Social Media really a time suck or can you truly generate tangible benefits from Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and so fourth?

The answer? Yes to both.

It can absolutely be a “time suck” when you are doing it wrong.

What I mean by that is you are marketing on the Social Media Platforms incorrectly.

If you are like thousands of small business owners who do what I call, “random self marketing” in the hope this will produce fruit bearing leads. It doesn’t and you will struggle, feel confusion and huge frustration. No one wants that.

People can think they know how social media works and follow their own perception online by clicking here and there, creating multiple profiles on multiple sites. They follow people for the sake of following people so they will follow you. And arbitrarily posting on peoples profiles with a “hope approach”. I could say more.

Here’s the thing. That’s not a plan, that’s being “random”.

And random means: chance, accidental, haphazard, casual, unsystematic, hit and miss.

When miners mined for gold, they didn’t just throw the pan in icy cold rivers, scoop it up and gold was abundant in the bottom. Of course not, we’d all be doing it otherwise. There was a process that took time, skill and steps before any sign of gold could be extracted.

Generating leads from Social Media? Same, with the gold being your target market.

So in a sense, you have to execute a social media mining process that’s proven and works. Once you have your target leads, then interaction comes into play. You have to know what to do with them and more importantly, what to say, how and when meaning how often.

Random self marketing is blind guess work and that’s where the “time suck” on Social Media takes effect. You attract the wrong leads (if any) and when you do, you don’t know what to do with them! It’s as if you invited someone over but when they get there, you’re bemused.

There are other distractions easily fixed, but this is the main culprit. Not knowing what you’re doing.

O.k so how do you get a process or THE right process to market on Social Media?

What are your options?

You could self teach yourself. It’s achievable and not impossible but be prepared to put the time in. Hours literally. You will need to search all over the net for the right info and that’s if it is the right info. We all know what happens when it isn’t.

Or you could research in the right places. Here are some fantastic sites you can get some powerhouse ideas from. These are high authority Social Media Sites! Spend time here, it won’t be wasted.






 Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield Facebook

Another thing, if you think Social Media is for raging teenagers, be assured it isn’t! The individuals behind these mega informative websites are all over 30. Baby-boomers are the fastest growing demographic kicking it in Social Media Sites. That’s pretty cool and exciting and something to be inspired about.

What about buying a Social Media course?

Yes, investing in a Social Media marketing system for your business online is a feasible idea. It has to be already proven successful by hundreds of other users and fortunately the internet’s Social space easily spits out the rubbish and the best are left.

We have recently researched Social Media Experts programmes. We will be posting the findings in a comprehensive review. You won’t have to troll through the net.

This is one of those instances that will save you a ton of time, less stress with all the right information! Stay tuned for it.

Are there any New Zealand Companies doing Social Media?

There are a few. But in my opinion these are not well enough developed with the value you would expect to get matching the dollars you will spend. Many here are over thinking the whole Social Media Marketing process. Drilling too far down instead of taking incremental action steps and simplifying the foundations first. Getting these right.

For example: If you have a Facebook Business Page and you start posting, then be consistent. Too many start FB Business pages then desert them after posting a few post’s or images. And if someone replies to your post, engage back ALWAYS. Acknowledge that person’s comment. Posting a business comment on your FB Business Page you are literally inviting people into your business. If they entered your physical store would you ignore them? Of course not.

It’s only polite and reflects you care. Not hard work is it?

Remember nothing happens overnight. It’s hard work, commitment with your purpose to serve your customers being at the forefront of what you do.

New Zealand is not there yet. Not for small businesses anyway. The bigger companies of course have bottomless budgets so they can  easily go for it. SME don’t have the same monetary resources.

Why do you showcase American Experts?

Because they are just that. Really dam good at Social Media. The US leads the way marketing online. They do. As kiwi’s we don’t like hype and never fall for it, luckily this is lessening now. Consumers are way smarter and become numb to the effects. A good thing as transparent transactions begin to rule the world offline and online especially. 

Distance is no longer an issue either (U.S, U.K, Australia) when exchanging and learning new business ideas thanks to technology. Take advantage of it. Don’t block it out.

Australia is producing some excellent online marketing experts also. This is good for New Zealand because our cultures are similar. However it doesn’t matter where the content is from I say again, if it works superbly well use it.

The morale of the story being get past the accents or thinking distance matters where you close off to offshore ideas. Forget that and SEE the value for your business.

Are there examples of ANY New Zealand Small Business doing Social Media Well?

Yes. Proud to say there are. We are going to interview them how they made such a success of their Social Media Campaign.

We love this company started  by a very young and bright individual. Exciting product, excellent Facebook engagement with their  FB community with complete actions of honesty and integrity. Business and company transparency online is gold.  Read through their posts, see how well they use outstanding and attractive imagery to showcase what they do. Perfect.

Check them out.


Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar.


Milk Moustache and Cookie Bar 


Now go be Social. Learn how to mix and mingle properly without getting kicked out of the party!


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