Who doesn’t want to do that right?
website design aucklandSave more time and money.

Well you can and easily, I’m just wondering how many people in business today are taking advantage of these neat little tricks and time savers.

I’ll start at the beginning….

I needed to wash our house recently, from top to bottom just before winter hit, get it clean and crisp. I went “online” of course and searched for “House Wash” and since I live in the Auckland Region I typed in the word phrase “House Wash Auckland”. (This is also what’s known as a keyword phrase. Very important)

As most people do, I checked out the first house washing companies listed at the top of this page. There are normally 10 spots on the 1st page of google.

After scrolling through I chose the listings that ticked all the boxes in terms of displaying exactly what I was looking for. An example of a good Google listing is when company details and services are CLEAR, to the point with the correct contact details.

I gave them a ring. (Also see the importance of Search Engine Optimisation here of having the number one spot on Google.)

When I called I was politely greeted by a woman on the other end. She explained clearly what their services were so I was able to make a quick and confident decision. No mess about just how I like it and I’m sure you do to.

However, what impressed me most was how this small kiwi business utilised free online marketing tools to leverage their time and save money. They were 100% transparent with this process as well which is a perfect trust building factor.

Here’s what I mean.

I informed them of our physical address and how they can go along to view our home so they can proceed to give me a quote for the House Wash service. However the woman from this company explained to me that they don’t visit the premises at all. That they in fact use Google Earth to make the quote evaluations!

Google what?

Google Earth


I had thought, initiative and smarts. Perfect.

I had longed to hear (sounds movie epic doesn’t it) of a small NZ business utilising online tools for business operating procedures.

I understood from my conversation with her that they use Google Earth and it’s satellite capabilities that transfer information back to their computer screens (and your’s) with accurate data more than adequate for them to make a quote appraisal for their customers.

Clever, clever and clever again.

Did they leave their office? No

Did they spend time or money travelling out? No

Did I as the customer feel insecure or unsure of this process? No I loved the idea. Not because I’m online aware of what’s available, but instead I thought how progressive and brave this company was to use these tools which are largely FREE for anyone to implement in their business starting today.

N.A.S.A uses Google Earth. The CIA uses Google Earth. And you can to. How fantastic is that?

What is Google Earth? 

Think about what business you are in today and how you can possibly use this for yourself. If you can, then do so, it’s 100% Free.


You maybe thinking, well it all looks dam techy again. Here’s the thing, you have to move away from that mindset starting today. You do. This is our future.

web design auckland

If you really struggle with what you consider techy, that is perfectly o.k. Your task now is to FIND someone who can help you with it and there WILL BE someone. In your team, a friend, a colleague or business acquaintance etc

Someone out there that you know LOVES this kind of stuff. Find them.

So what business are you in?

Hospitality | Paving | Construction | Landscaping | Travel | Tours | the list is endless. Think about how you can use Google Earth tool to your business advantage.

What if people don’t like this approach? What if they physically want you to visit?

You’re going to get that for sure so make an allowance for that. Go out, visit and connect with these customers. Win them over. People are usually hesitant out of fear of what they don’t know like everything. So once they do know by your visit, I’m positive if the communication to connect is done right, they will not object in the future to using Google Earth and you just won a fan.

Go here to download Google Earth.

Google Earth is but 1 tool available to small business owners out there. There is a stack more. You can check out our resources page for some of these. I would be here all day if I was to name the hundreds available.

Google specifically has amazing online tools for small business. You can find these once you open a Google Account namely Gmail first.

Go here to open an account. GMAIL

 gmail sign up

If you have other email accounts like Yahoo or extra or others, just so you know, none of these will give you the coolest tools to use for your business than Google. That is why it is the money making juggernaut it is today.

google toolsGmail is awesome and all of these you can use to save time and money.

The other tools they have.

Gmail Video Chat. Again you can speak with clients over video chat. We do it all the time and clients love it. Save’s time and money and we always get our messages across to each other.

Google Hang Outs. Talk to more than one person! Talk to a group. Again Free.

Google Drive and Documents. Easily share your documents with everyone who need’s access.

Links to your YouTube channel. Google owns YouTube

Google Maps

Google Places I’ll be doing a separate post coming soon just for this one and show you how to save $750.00. Do it yourself. Easy.

Google Plus Pages This is Googles equivalent to Facebook. Not as big in terms of people participation. But this is good thing. You’ll find a whole bunch of smart people with awesome conversations going on in Google Plus. You know that saying. See what everyone else is doing and go the other way.

And so much more

Rather than me link to all these tools, what I’d like you to do is go open your very first Gmail account. Then you will see for yourself and have access to all these wonderful tools. There is some learning to do like everything. No need to feel overwhelmed by it all. Take your time.

I will also be doing a complete comprehensive series on each Google tool with video tutorial. Look out for that.

Just know a Google Account will help your website and help you empower yourself more with the way of the online world. This is where everything is headed.

Work smarter not harder right.