2222111Most of you are busy these day’s there’s no doubt about it. Running your business, relationships, finances, children and your homes. Yet your business, it’s success or failure will be critical in how it effects all of these.

Of course you are aiming for success. You don’t enter business for the purpose of failure. Yet sometimes you can miss the critical improvements that make the big difference in terms of more selling, more clients, more money.

Not on purpose of course, it just happen’s and the cue for reminders couldn’t come soon enough.

Part of creating success for your business is ensuring it is represented online at it’s BEST. And this does mean your business website.

A tip from us to you. You do not need to over-think this. Just see the value for your benefit then just do it.  Get in the groove of “what work’s online” rather than get left behind debating the if but’s or maybe’s.

So how can you improve your business website starting today? 

Analogy time.

Like a house you bought and live in, you were specific that the building foundations from the get go were 100%. You got the foundations right by not skipping steps or cutting corners for the sake of quality. Then the outcome for your home will be as you expect because of this preparation. Positive and pleasurable for you and your family.

Exactly the same with your business website. Preparation and getting the foundations right!

You may not have the best website in the world (yet), or been able to spend the kind of money you really want to, despite these, you still have every opportunity to get rocking online by implementing our tips for you further below.

As a business owner, you may not know how to do some of these tip’s. That’s a given. But if you are self managing your own website, you can after reading get busy making these changes.

If you don’t, ask your web developer, designer to do these for you. Every website will be different so to the cost. We hope you do not get charged ridiculous exorbitant prices. You shouldn’t. 

If you are stuck but determined to try and make these amendments on your own, you can ask us a question below or on our Facebook Page. We will always answer sometimes in big detail because we can’t help ourselves talk about what we love to do.

So here we go:

Make sure your business website is:

  • CLEAR of clutter. Really important. Think if it doesn’t need to be on your site, remove it. Get rid of any unnecessary bells and whistles. It will frustrate your visitor and distract from your business message. Not what you want.
  • EASY to navigate. Navigation through your website should be effortless and clear. Not clumsy or confusing. ALWAYS consider your visitor’s usability. They must be able to find what they want quickly. The less clicks to the mouse to achieve this the better. It will keep them happy, they will stay longer and leave only to bring their friends back with them.
  • WRITTEN well with excellent web copy. Not good, not o.k but Excellent. If you cannot write don’t attempt to for the sake of saving money. It will sink your site faster than the Titanic. Invest in a professional web copy writer. It will be the best money ever spent optimising your site to get real results a.k.a money in your bank account.
  • Your web content cannot be amateurish or boring and ranting on about you you you. It has to be about your visitor. Their want, need or problem and how your business will provide the solution. This is where well written web copy will convert into a sale or enquiry for your business. It has to be relevant, unique, compelling, professional and to the point. Less is more. This is what a professional web copy writer does. Invest.
  • EASILY contactable. Your business contact details are VISIBLE on every page. No brainer right? Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you.
  • TECHNICALLY set up correctly. Your web designer should know what to do here. It includes hosting, website structure, on page SEO, URL and plug in configuration, loading time and more. If your website is loading too slow, danger. Ask your developer why this is, then get them to fix this asap. People will not wait around for sites to load. We’re too busy remember? Plus Google penalizes slow loading sites. Your site will get pushed back.
  • IMAGES are relevant and high quality. This does not mean expensive. You can get great images for $1 at istock.com. Not generic and boring. Also don’t hide. Put your face to your business website on the “about page or home page”. You don’t need to look like a model, get past that and see the purpose. That is “people trust websites with business owners identity”.
  • Note: The clutter rule applies with images as well. Plastering images randomly for the sake of filling a space or replacing text or to unnecessarily impress, a big no no. Use your visuals strategically. Keep it relevant, tidy and visually pleasing. Only you can judge that. 
  • LINKS on your site WORK. Check these regularly as sometimes links do break. Visitors clicking to an empty page or no page leave and quickly.
  • VISUALLY presents well. If you are a small business with a website that well, sucks, find the resources or money to get a makeover or brand new website. You must. This does not need to be in the thousands of dollars. That’s ridiculous. We encourage you to make contact with us and see how we can help you.
  • INTEGRITY based.  That everything you do with your online business website be it performed with integrity always. Your name and business name will get one chance online. Only one. So ensure you do the right thing consistently. But you know that already.

And that’s it. These are some of the MOST important aspects of your website to get right. Failure to do so, well you know the rest. Let us know what you think of these. Equally let us know where you struggle. Leave us a question below or on our FaceBook Page.


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