Want to Sell More of your New Zealand Made Products

Online Globally?

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A few facts: The internet has changed everything exponentially in terms of how we conduct business either service or product or a combination of both.

MILLIONS of potential buying customers all over the world today, are much easier to reach and market to online.

There are powerful innovative online marketing tools that can help you grow your business faster than in any other time in history.

Incredible Online Learning Courses are now available in thousands of popular niches which are FAST becoming a permanent new frontier in education.

And more importantly for you: Online shopping sales by consumers buying goods online amount to billions of dollars of sales each year and RISING! And that’s worth thinking about.

These are super exciting and opportunistic times to be in business, and you want your New Zealand Made Product to be part of this expanding digital economy starting today.

So how can you be a part of this?

By selling your amazing NZ products on the biggest Ecommerce platform in the world:


Why sell on Amazon? And is it the right place for New Zealand Made Products?

  • With an astounding exisiting customer base on Amazon of over 300 MILLION USERS, you can understand quickly why this is an incredible online platform to start selling your products on.
  • What this also means is there is existing organic traffic ready to see your product listed on Amazon and potentially buy it! (Traffic is an online term = buyers).
  • Amazon implements their huge network of Distribution centres all over the USA (and the world) with favourable agreements with their shipping partners that enable you to provide your customers the best online purchasing experience.
  • And the entry level financially to enter on Amazon is extremely affordable compared to setting up a conventional brick and mortar business.

  • There are many other advantages to using Amazon’s services: Fast safe payment processing, they manage all customers service issues, they will ship your products to customers, handle any returns, processing of refunds, store your products in their warehouse facilities, and FREE two day shipping on almost all your products.
  • Marketing advantages. You get to showcase and promote your New Zealand Made Product to one of the LARGEST audiences online. FREE in terms of instant visibility to an audience that is interested in your product.
  • You can build an external eCommerce website (highly recommended) with your products on them and I will teach you how to DRIVE buying traffic TO your Amazon Listing from your website.

As you can read, the opportunity to ship your products into Amazon is not only in the USA, but Amazon Japan, UK, Europe, Canada and soon to be Australia. Truly exciting times!

Next Question: Is Amazon the right place to sell your New Zealand Made Products?

This question can be paralysing for kiwi business owners who consider selling their products on Amazon. It shouldn’t be and in this instance, if that is you, you are 100% overthinking the process.

The Online Space is the BEST place to sell ANY product regardless what it is. Obviously there is a process and checklist to determine where exactly YOUR product fits into the hundreds of Amazon categories, as well as other essential variables to consider when shipping and listing products on Amazon.

To some people this can feel extremely overwhelming and daunting to face on your own. There are only so many YouTube videos you can watch to learn the “how to” of this process.

I won’t fool you here either, it is not easy but it is not hard either, like everything, you must do your homework and due diligence when entering the online product marketing space. When this is done correctly, the rewards WILL COME.

New Zealand also as a country is becoming more and more in the spotlight globally and that’s thanks to many of our inspiring and famous kiwi individuals. The All Blacks in Chicago, Musician Lorde, Film Director Taika Wiatiti and so many more.

In terms of products, we dominate on Amazon with our various brands of New Zealand made Manuka Honey and other products marketed as “Made in New Zealand”. As such, the online marketing and selling landscape is RIPE to enter with your own New Zealand Product.

Want Help Marketing and Selling your Products Online Globally VIA Amazon?