Step by Step Guide for Beginners – How To Create A Small Business Website

You’re here to learn HOW you can create a stylish professional looking website for your NZ Small Business. How to get it LIVE on the internet so you can START selling your Services or Products locally and/or globally. That’s the whole purpose right? To put food on the table for your family and a business website is essential part of that process.

You know that if you are not online with your business, your competitors will be and you’ll be left with zero!

Here’s the thing, technology has changed so much that it’s become tenfold EASIER to create your own business website. You do not need to be a tech genius nor fear tech, nor spend thousands of dollars to get your website built. That was yesterday!

So Where Are You STUCK?

Some of you may just want to get on with it to create a website. Don’t! The points before the “how” are super important. There is no fluff. Your time is precious and we get that. So please take the 5 mins to take in the words below.

web design nz

Different scenario’s exist for everyone.

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s too expensive. It isn’t, but it will still cost money of course.

The cost’s for setting up your online business presence via a website is so SMALL now that entry is painlessly accessible.

The best part? With the online tools available today, your website will NOT look basic. You can learn to create stunning professional looking websites all by yourself. web design nz Maybe you tried the “Free Website” route. These “Free Website Offer’s” are peppered all over the internet. It may have seemed a logical best way forward until you come to the discouraging realisation that “Free Websites” really don’t work!

Maybe you’ve spent HOURS trawling YouTube watching random ‘How to” videos hoping for the best. This is still direction-less with a pot luck outcome. It WILL leave big holes in your online business presence ultimately leading to you having to do it all over AGAIN. web design nz

These scenario’s and more have hindered Kiwi SME on how to get online for YEARS!

Precisely WHY we created this site for Small Business owners just like YOU. To STOP the frustration from skewed information and ineffective cheap and nasty resources boasted to work that simply DO NOT.

Instead, right now, we provide you a clear and correct path in 2016 on how to create your very own Small Business Website. How does that sound? Skills required? Ability to breathe deeply with patience, a kiwi can do attitude and relentless tenacity to finish.

When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started

web design auckland

So where to from here?

First, some truths. This is either going to be an easy process for you or it will not. I won’t kid you. For some people attempting to create your own website regardless of the tech simplicity today for newbies, can still be exceptionally daunting and stressful. People fear or feel intimidated by technology and that may or may not be you.

Which one are you? Should you build your own website?

IMPORTANT so please don’t scroll ahead.

web design auckland

The idea of building a website step by step and for free is appealing for obvious reasons. Foremost, it will not be free! Like everything there are expected expenses involved which we’ll cover as you go through the site. It will cost you in time to create and build your site. [Please note every step by step content on this site is FREE to you to implement and learn from.] What we want to consider here before beginning is to evaluate if “building your own website” the right move for your personality.

2 Scenarios exist

One: Some people will be more online or tech savvy. If that is your case and you are naturally excited to learn the action steps to creating a website, the probability will likely be, you’ll succeed. You may also believe that you are not completely tech minded but you feel super excited regardless to proceed, then do it! Nike was right. Just Do It. I know many people who never thought they were 100% capable of building a site but sometimes it is sheer enthusiasm that accomplishes a goal all the way to the finish line.

web design auckland

Two: The flip side is you are keen to create a site simply because it will save you money. Deep down though, you know you will NOT enjoy this process. It’s just not your thing but you will do it because it will save money. If this is YOU we recommend NOT building your own website, truly, do not go down this path. You will tire easily, create a sub standard site (crap), waste more time which is money, become sceptical and grumpy. This isn’t meant to sound ominous but rather save your sanity.

Well if I can’t build my site, what’s the point of this site?

Don’t panic! Some of you will build and some of you won’t or shouldn’t because of what you just read. There is another option. An effective alternative! Your best scenario is to OUTSOURCE this work. Allow other’s who do this day in day out because this is what they love to do. It’s Christmas for them, aka happy days! And we will show you exactly how to do this, the right way! web design nz

Now to Revise, Where Are We Up To?

We have 2 types of people and you will know by now which type you are. If you realise you will not enjoy building your website which is 100% o.k, then find out “How To Outsource Your Website Creation Here”.

If you believe you can absolutely implement the steps to build-create your very own business website, then continue scrolling down to find out how. All of these steps link together. Just follow along.

STEP 1: Domain Name

You will need to register a domain name. Please view the video below to help you choose. 2.30 mins.

Once you have decided which domain name to register watch the video below on where and how to register your domain name. We recommend for .com extension and for because we have used them for years and that should say everything. Again you can use any domain name registrar you wish. For both these companies you will not find better price nor service. We haven’t.

If you already have a domain name just continue to Step 2 “Hosting.”

STEP 2: Web Hosting

You will need to get hosting for your website. A hosting service is where your website is well, “hosted” on the internet. In a sense you are renting space online. You cannot have a website live on the internet without hosting.


“Free Hosting Offers” are NOT recommended. These are hosting services shared with hundreds of other websites. This is not professional for your business and will only slow your site down and cause other site issues.

Hosting Costs are ridiculously low. Spend the money to have your own dedicated hosting account. We recommend using having used Bluehost for over 8 years! Of course you can use any other hosting company of your choice. (You do not need to use a New Zealand based hosting company.)

web design auckland

Bluehost is one of the oldest and most trusted name in the web hosting world with superior customer service. They are also the official “WordPress” recommended hosting provider.

Step 3: Launch WordPress.

web design auckland

WordPress is a CMS or platform. This is how your website becomes visually real. Once you have your domain name registered and signed up for hosting, you’ll first need to “push your domain name” to your hosting account provider. Watch the video below on how to do this before we move on.

Register a Domain Name for your Website Buy Hosting for Your Website Assign Your Domain Name to Your Hosting Account Install WordPress and Activate Choose and Install a WordPress Theme (Free and Paid Themes, We recommend Paid Themes Not Free) Add WordPress Plug In’s Add Your Content (This take’s time) Congratulations, you’re now online!