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Priority Number 1, You MUST Have A Business Website, it’s a truth you can’t argue with. With 45% of NZ small businesses still NOT online as we embark into 2017, you want to ensure that YOU are not one of them and here’s why…

The internet has changed everything exponentially in terms of how we conduct business daily. For example, millions of potential customers have now become easier to reach, evolving innovative online marketing tools grow businesses faster than any other time in history, online shopping sales amount to billions of dollars of sales each year and RISING, and now online learning courses available in thousands of niches are FAST becoming a permanent new frontier in education, and so much more.

These are exciting and opportunistic times to be in business, and you want your’s to be part of this expanding digital economy starting today.

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Offline business DRIVES online business and vice versa.

Let that be your mindset, embrace change, adapt and you will WIN.

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So, want to learn how to build your business website from scratch?

Prefer me to manage it for you?

Want Help Marketing and Selling your Products or Services Online Globally?

Bigger Audience = More Sales

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Want to learn How to OPTIMISE your site for Google for higher rankings?

Or I can take care of that for you.

Or Do You Simply Want a Marketing Campaign Designed just for you?

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Whatever your online marketing needs, I have good news for you!

Coming Soon, we will run powerful fun informative intimate workshops for everyday kiwi business owners aimed at serving your business effective online strategies you can implement straight away.

When the doors open, come along with a DIY mindset, a kiwi can do attitude and let’s get stuck in!

Please come back soon for more details including when doors open February 2017.

However, if you’d like to work with me one to one, then please go here.

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